LBB offers services to individuals with vision loss in the Florida Big Bend area.
Services include orientation and mobility, vocation rehabilitation, assistive
technology, services for children and teens, 
iPhone training, and support groups.


Join LBB for our Guest Bartending Event June 23rd 5:30 pm - 8 pm Neil Rambana & Nick Swaine LBB Board Members LBB and Happy Motoring Co. Tips Benefit LBB (Lighthouse of the Big Bend)


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Wanted iPhone, iPad, Tablet, &/or Apple Watch for LBB Clients with pictures of an iPhone, Apple Watch & Tablet


Please consider donating your old or replaced iPhone, iPad, Tablet, and/or Apple Watch to our LBB clients. These devices have opened the world, removed barriers, and provided independence to people with vision loss. There are a multitude of apps now available on these devices which are a tremendous help.

Assistive technology like screen readers and other apps assist with writing documents, reading books, browsing the internet, emailing, working efficiently, and excelling with school. The cameras on these devices are also used as digital magnifiers, allowing those with low vision to read books and see pictures and other objects without having to strain their remaining vision. Apps such as Be My Eyes and Seeing AI offer access to the visual world by identifying colors, providing environmental information, navigating safely and independently indoors and out, and even telling if a light is on in a room.

To donate, please call LBB at 850-942-3658. Our clients will be very grateful to you for your donation(s). Due to the technology necessary, iPhone 10 and up are preferred.


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